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Helly Luv Live on BBC Radio
July,16 2014

Helly Luv recently conducted an interview for BBC Newsday and spoke about her music, the history of Kurdistan and the future of Kurdistan.

Shaimaa Khalil: "Let's speak to Helly Luv. She's a Kurdish singer and actress. After the release of her song and video called "Risk It All" which recieved over 2.5 million hits on YouTube in February this year she recieved death threats from islamic fundalmentalists she joins us now on the line. Helly tell us about this song and why its rattling so many cages."

Helly Luv: "Hello. I just wanted to create this music video that would basically speak for Kurdistan and I wanted to use very loud symbols for example I'm using the Peshmerga clothes (freedom fighters)and the AK-47 rifles. For a lot of people that would not know the Kurdish history would probably think this is violence but thats definitely not true. If you look in Kurdish history you will find the very strong female leaders that would lead the male armyto war on horses."

Shaimaa Khalil: "And we've spoken to some of these fighters actually. We went to a military camp and spoken to some of the fighters who are about to go on the frontline."

Helly Luv: "Definitely and that's the whole thing I just wanted to create this song that would show this Kurdistan that we want the freedom, we want to celebrate this and it's time for it and I'm ready to "Risk It All" and i know all the Kurdish people are ready to "Risk It All" because one thing that we all have is we have this one dream of Kurdistan being free and becoming independent."

Shaimaa Khalil: "And when you say "Risk It All" this is the title of the song but also do you mean risk your life? What exactly should the Kurds be risking for this independence of Kurdistan?"

Helly Luv: "Well I think Kurdish people we always have risked everything for our life and for our people and for our country. I'm ready to risk everything whatever that takes to become and independent nation and i know my Kurdish people are too."

Helly luv Live On BBC Radio