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Luv House Visit’s Orphans House
April 18, 2014

Helly Luv made a surprise visit to the Orphan House in Erbil. There were approximately 65 boys and girls all ranging from the ages of 4 to 22 years old. Upon interacting with them, she learned they all have a very sad past. The fact that they lost their parents does not make life any easier for them.

Personally their life stories touched her deeply and she decided to visit these lovely kids. Accompanying her were three great ladies. Her goal while there, was to give each of them motivation, hope, the necessities they needed during that moment and sponsor an amazing picnic day in the beautiful nature of Kurdistan! These kids rarely get to go on outings so, Helly wanted to make sure the day was all about them! It was such a joyful feeling to see these kids smiling!

"Thank you to all the great teachers and nurses who look after them everyday. I hope the government will support them even more to make sure they get all of their needs met. By giving these chidren the essentials they need growing up (i.e. education, security, motivation, and love). So, these beautiful kids can be the new generation of power and hope for Kurdistan!"

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