• Helly Luv speaks about justice for Dunia
  • Helly Luv stands with other protesters for Dunia
  • Helly Luv speaks to reporters about Dunia

Protest For Dunia

May 29, 2014

This morning I was walking in the streets of Erbil with hundreds of other people protesting and standing up for 15-year-old Dunia! Her life was taken in a most unfair way!!! My heart cries for these innocent victims of abuse, violence, rape, and torture.

I am here to give my voice, but my voice won’t meant anything if we do not fight together for these women and young girls.

In Dunia's case…
To be honest it's not only her parent’s fault, or the husband, or the mullah fault! It's our entire fault. We killed this baby girl. We need WOMEN’S RIGHTS, RESPECT and LAWS for our women in Kurdistan! We need to STOP the HONOR KILLINGS and STOP forcing our daughters to marry!

What happened to Dunia is not part of our culture or any religion! We need to fight for her and not forget her!

I ask Kurdistan’s Parliament, and the government to create laws, women’s rights, respect and equality!

There have been thousands of victims like Dunia in the past and if we do not fix this problem, there will be thousands MORE.