Luv House Helps Close 2nd Worst Zoo in the World (Gilkant Zoo)

January 22, 2014

I remember visiting Kurdistan with my family from really young age and I will always remember how I cried when my family wanted to visit the Zoo in Erbil. Even though I was really young I could still feel, how these animals were suffering. In 2012, a Global US POST wrote the worst zoo`s in the world. The Gilkant Zoo in Erbil, Kurdistan (Iraq) was number TWO! Last year, I returned back to Kurdistan after living and working in Europe and USA most of my life, I wanted to see if the Zoo was really that bad. It was actually worst, I cried every time I visited this Zoo trying to figure out how I could help these poor animals. It felt like a mental house prison for animals…I ran out so many times in anger and tears in my eyes swearing I would never visit it again! But I realized something really important. If I would just close my eyes and ignore these animals… I would be very selfish! If I would not try my best to help, then who would? Realizing also the fact that this Zoo has been like this for almost 20 years. I could not imagine how many animals had died in stress, depression, cold, hunger and illness in their small cages. It was time for a CHANGE !!!!!!!!

Together with my Organization Luv House, A.R.K (Animal Rights Kurdistan), W.I.N.E (Womens International Network Erbil) Dr. Sulaiman Tameer KOARP (Kurdistan Organization for Animal Rights Protection), Miss Kurdistan Fenik, and the owner of the Zoo. We closed the Gilkant Zoo FOREVER and took all these animals to their new better home. Providing them with food, medicine, small houses to sleep in, electricity, heating lamps, new trees to plant, new paint, tools etc.

This was a small step and the animals still need to be watched after, but for now I am so excited and happy knowing these animals are in a better place. Hopefully every month with the help of a sponsor we can visit the new zoo and help make it a safe and happier place for our animals to live and families to visit.

At the moment, Gilkant Zoo in Erbil is NOT the second worst Zoo in the world, after 20 years we closed it down! Today I am the happiest girl on earth.